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Our Team

At Kennedy Insights, we focus on leadership development and strengths coaching. We identify and amplify the unique talents of leaders and their teams, ensuring that growth and innovation are always in the spotlight. Our approach combines effective facilitation with strategic business insights, creating practical and impactful solutions. We’re here to support your personal and professional advancement, helping you achieve sustained success. Let’s work together to unlock your full potential.


Margaret Kennedy

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Margaret, our founder, blends over two decades of entrepreneurial savvy with her passion for developing inclusive workplaces. As a certified Gallup Strengths Coach and seasoned leadership consultant, she focuses on unlocking human potential and leveraging workplace culture as a strategic tool for growth.


Holding an MA and a PhD in Applied Social Research Methods from the University of Limerick, Margaret offers practical, insightful guidance to help leaders navigate today’s complex business environments, consistently delivering tailored solutions that drive organisational success.

Matthew Hogan

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Matthew Hogan is a certified coach with accreditations from Gallup Strengths, the International Coaching Federation, and as a Discovery Insights practitioner. Known for his deep empathy, Matthew excels in connecting with individuals at all levels, helping them to unlock their potential and navigate their professional and personal challenges. His coaching approach is personalised, insightful, and deeply committed to fostering growth and resilience in his clients.

At Kennedy Insights, Matthew applies his expertise to empower leaders and teams, driving meaningful development and positive change.

Adam Craughan
William Hogan

Adam Craughan

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Our communications associate Adam is a Gallup Strengths Coach and workshop guru, running virtual and in-person events that focus on culture and strength coaching.

Adam has almost two decades of business management experience and a number of innovation, entrepreneurship and business management qualifications from UCD, UCC and the IIM. Through his Maximizer and Activator CliftonStrengths, he is committed to achieving excellence and creating momentum.

Will Hogan

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Will is our business model consultant and works with clients to ignite innovation and to develop entrepreneurial mindset. He is a fan of in-house hackathons. 

As a Business Growth Advisor with Enterprise Ireland Will works with clients and prepares them for export growth. 

Will is an Associate Lecturer at the National College of Ireland where he delivers the MBA capstone module using business simulations for scaling up. Will holds a B.Comm from UCD and a Masters in Entrepreneurship with a specialisation in family business coaching and mentoring from the University of Limerick.

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