Our Story

Kennedy Insights works with strong and aspiring businesses to develop a clear strategic direction, implement key changes and assist in the design of processes that can lead to improved performance.

We believe that every organisation has the potential to become an inspiring place of work where people are engaged, creative, motivated and productive.

 Our values of courage, care and candour are at the core of our work. They drive everything we do to help companies and their leaders create inspiring workplaces.

Meet The Team

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Margaret Kennedy

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Our founder became an entrepreneur at twenty, enjoyed an academic career in culture and leadership development, and now serves as an expert consultant to global brands.

She is particularly interested in the future of work, having applied her considerable skills in the science of human behaviour to studying its current radical transformation. Her core strength is her ability to ask powerful questions that bring insight, clarity and perspective.

She is a trusted advisor, mentor and coach who delivers actionable insight, improved profitability and a healthier corporate culture to companies and corporations around the world.