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Kennedy Insights is a culture consultancy firm that operates on the fundamental belief that if work is made meaningful, people and organisations thrive. Drawing on decades of experience in business and educational sectors, Kennedy Insights’ consultants take unlocking your company’s potential seriously.

Kennedy Insights creates a transformational path to company-wide success by asking thoughtful and insightful questions about the gifts and gaps affecting your organisation in order to implement the precise processes, effective tools and long term strategic solutions that will create a stronger, more cohesive company.

Kennedy Insights knows that organisational success can’t be achieved with quick fixes or a one-size-fits- all formula, but by determining what really makes your company hum, excavating the joy employees and employers take in the company’s successes, and teaching leaders how to create momentum from their victories.

Our clients trust us to deliver a real, measurable impact that leaves a lasting legacy in their organisation.


Other culture consultancy firms fix the cracks. Kennedy Insights rebuilds your foundation


Meet Our Team.


Kennedy Insights has evolved out of a lifetime of experience in the commercial world. Our consultants have been entrepreneurs and leaders and now offer clients trusted advice and insight on workplace culture, organisational design and strategic decision-making. 


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Dr Margaret Kennedy

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Our founder became an entrepreneur at twenty, enjoyed an academic career in culture and leadership  development, and now serves as an expert consultant to global brands. 

She is particularly interested in the future of work, having applied her considerable skills in the science of  human behaviour to studying its current radical transformation. Her core strength is her ability to ask 
powerful questions that bring insight, clarity and perspective.

She is a trusted advisor, mentor and coach who delivers actionable insight, improved profitability and a healthier corporate culture to companies and corporations around the world.


“Insight is my superpower: I can reveal the possible in the impossible and the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

I’m passionate about lifting heads up, shining light on dark spaces and helping to surface the potential within; bringing people together to explore our strengths is an exciting, powerful process that benefits everyone – employees, employers and the business as a whole.”



Michelle Wallace

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Michelle, our culture strategist, is a problem-solving dynamo. Combining a practical commercial mindset  with creative flair, she helps clients work through their most complex issues, leading individuals and teams to lasting solutions and synergies.

An entrepreneur in her own right, Michelle has over 15 years of experience in global customer-focused leadership roles, as well post-graduate qualifications in Finance and Strategic Marketing. 

As a result, she understands the challenges facing business leaders today as they navigate a changing 
working world. She’s focused on helping guide those leaders to sustainable growth by cultivating 
thoughtful customer experiences and a positive, progressive culture

“I want to help you create those a-ha moments where you see your people and organisation in a 
whole new light. 

One of my superpowers is creatively working through complex issues and bringing individuals and teams along with me. 

Together we will co-create a plan of action so everyone is positioned to thrive. A thoughtful, positive 
culture not only brings out the best in employees, but creates long-term sustainable business growth.”

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Will Hogan

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Will is a business model consultant who helps our clients to dream big. He’s an expert on scaling up,
expanding operations and igniting innovation.

With a Masters in Entrepreneurship and a range of mentorship and coaching qualifications, Will regularly works with business simulations to help apply management theory to real-world challenges. He has a deep understanding of and respect for the entrepreneurial mindset, guiding business leaders through
start-up, stay-up, scale-up and sustainability.

Will’s work is in high demand; in addition to his role in Kennedy Insights, he’s an advisor with Enterprise Ireland and a lecturer with the National College of Ireland, helping to prepare entrepreneurs and organisations for their next big step on the road to success.



“I love to learn; I’m naturally inquisitive, fascinated by ideas and a dedicated collector of 

My work as a lecturer, mentor, coach and culture consultant means that I have built a lifetime of 
experience and expertise in the field of entrepreneurship. 

I’m driven by a desire to share these insights with clients, helping them to grow and scale through 
teamwork, engagement and inclusion. A healthy culture is a healthy future.”