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Case Study:
Kennedy Insights & Linesight —
Driving Success Through Culture and Engagement

Company: Linesight
Industry: Professional Services

Linesight, well-established in construction and project management, boasted a strong company culture that was well-regarded by both clients and staff. Yet, as the company expanded, effectively communicating this culture to external audiences proved challenging. To address this, Kennedy Insights, specialists in culture and engagement strategies, were enlisted to assist Linesight in preserving and articulating their cultural identity during their growth.


Linesight's culture was a cornerstone of their success, yet they struggled to define and promote it effectively. They sought to not only pinpoint their cultural strengths but also ensure these were deeply integrated across all company operations. Additionally, they aimed to enhance employee engagement and identify growth opportunities.


  • Develop a culture statement that encapsulates Linesight’s values and ethos.

  • Embed this culture statement in all company facets, from recruitment to decision-making.

  • Utilise the SOAR strategy to uncover growth opportunities and set aspirations.

  • Foster heightened employee engagement through regular surveys and targeted action plans.


1. Culture Articulation
Kennedy Insights embarked on an extensive ethnographic study of Linesight's workplace culture. By conducting detailed interviews with a broad spectrum of employees, they gathered rich qualitative and quantitative data. These insights were distilled into a compelling culture statement that resonated across the company.

2. Culture Development
With the culture statement in hand, Kennedy Insights collaborated closely with Linesight's leadership and staff through roundtable discussions to ensure the culture permeated every aspect of business operations. This ongoing effort reinforced the core values and guided company-wide decisions and practices.

3. SOAR Strategy
The implementation of the SOAR strategy marked a pivotal move for Linesight. Despite substantial investments of time and resources, the strategy's forward-thinking approach yielded significant dividends. It fostered an environment of creative thinking and collaboration, helping Linesight identify strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results which informed their strategic planning.

4. Employee Engagement
Annual engagement surveys conducted by Kennedy Insights offered deep insights into employee sentiments and engagement levels. These surveys led to actionable strategies that were communicated and implemented across the company, ensuring continuous improvement and high retention rates.



Kennedy Insights’ collaboration with Linesight spurred considerable growth and success. Since partnering, Linesight expanded from 400 to 1300 employees and established additional global offices. Their unique culture not only remained intact but became a stronger asset in driving their success.

The partnership between Kennedy Insights and Linesight exemplifies how a focused cultural strategy and employee engagement can propel a company forward. By aligning their operations with their cultural values and engaging their workforce effectively, Linesight has set a benchmark in the industry for leveraging culture as a catalyst for success.

In response to the successful collaboration, Dr. Margaret Kennedy commented, “The positive impact of our work with Linesight has not only enhanced their culture but also cemented their position as a beacon of how a vibrant and distinctive culture can fuel business achievements.”

This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic culture articulation and employee engagement in today’s competitive business environment.

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