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Case Study.

Company: Linesight
Industry: Professional Services
Territories: Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, North America.


In partnership with the passionate leadership team, we defined the deepest essence of Linesight’s unique culture and its 5 Operating Principles and developed a culture strategy. 
We continue to work with the Leaders and multi-level Culture Development Team to infuse and develop the culture globally.
As a result, Linesight has now its unique clearly articulated and understood high-performance culture. Culture is fuelling the engines of enduring growth – a diverse and engaged workforce and clients who are true advocates.

With 3 decades of experience, 150 project locations, and 20 offices globally Linesight teams were being told: “your culture is what makes you great”.


With new employees being recruited every week from globally diverse cultures in new offices and global projects, the burning strategy question for the Group CEO was how might Linesight, define this culture, protect its positive core, and develop it as a strategic competitive differentiator.


Working in collaboration with the leaders and the global management teams, we completed a Culture Audit. This included deep-dive interviews with employees at all levels globally, an online survey which engaged 82.5% of employees, insights interviews with strategic customers, and intense and energised workshops with the leaders.


This deep listening ethnographic work and our strong commercial experience surfaced the essence of the culture that made Linesight the preferred supplier to several of the most highly regarded companies in the world.


Through workshops, a Global Leadership Summit and webinars we defined and fine-tuned the strategic culture and operating principles, designed the systems and processes to continuously build and enhance the culture that would fuel enduring growth.


Our work with Linesight continues, Chairing the Culture Council, helping the organisation navigate the continuous journey of infusing the culture into every system-process, the employee experience and customer engagement.


This includes completing the annual global employee engagement and culture survey and working with the team to act on the ongoing learning.


Our work has enabled Linesight measurably improve employee engagement across all offices and projects; there is a deeper understanding of client needs and even higher levels of client satisfaction and referrals, global communication has become active, positive dialogue.


Critically, Linesight has now “bottled its secret sauce”, its winning culture.


Leaders and teams globally are working with a new confidence that fuels the engines of enduring growth, highly engaged employees and clients who are true advocates.

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