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Our why.

Experts in organisational cultural alignment, culture change and people engagement, at Kennedy Insights we are committed to the difference we can make for our clients.

We are driven by our deep awareness that an organisation’s collective behaviours are the cornerstone of competitive advantage. We partner with change-oriented leaders in building high-performance, values-driven cultures that attract and keep talented people and increase staff engagement.

Trusted by Leading Companies

We work with leaders all over the globe, in industries as diverse as the people within them.


“We started working with Kennedy Insights to set us up for the next phase of employee and business growth.


The exceptional insights and interpretation provided have played a major part in our employee engagement and communications.


Kennedy Insights has been instrumental in helping us define and articulate the culture and DNA at KEMP”

Ray Downes,

CEO KEMP Technologies

"Kennedy Insights helped us to bottle our culture. Our culture is now something that Linesight can intentionally use as something that sets us apart from our competition.


As a result, we have more engaged employees, more satisfied customers and a competitive advantage that is impossible to copy"

Gerard Campbell,

Group CEO, Linesight

From the get-go, we were committed to creating a world-class company culture in Trinzo.

Determined that nothing about our culture was being left to chance, we engaged Kennedy Insights to partner with us to intentionally architect the winning culture that we have today.

Margaret Kennedy worked with us to help us first define our company's unique purpose, vision and values and then to embed this culture into our business processes and functions.

For tangible measurable results, I am very happy to recommend Kennedy Insights. 

Liam Turley,

CEO, Trinso


“We’ve always been told by our employees - or people that simply walk through our doors, whether in New York, Limerick or Singapore - that KEMP has an amazing culture! Clearly something people can sense in the air - almost touch.


It was so ingrained in our thinking, that we struggled ourselves to define the values that captured that culture. Something that was both frustrating and time-consuming.

Kennedy Insights came to us highly recommended as an expert in the field of People and Culture.


Dr Margaret Kennedy went about the business of engaging with our employees globally, gradually surfacing the essence of what it meant to work at KEMP.


Was it easy? No way! It was a two-way commitment and Margaret was not going to let us off the hook with anything that undermined what she was seeing in the make-up of our organisation.


Her deep insights and uncompromising approach produced something that I hear employees, partners and interviewees describing as truly unique and empowering. The words and language that she crafted have become a day-to-day tool in helping our organisation grow its identity,  become even more aligned across the regions, and ultimately become even more successful.”

Simon Roach

Chief Technical Officer, KEMP Technologies​

Case study: Linesight

Fuelling growth globally through a unique high-performance culture

What we do.

We consult and coach within businesses to create conditions for individuals, teams, and organisations to thrive, by highlighting the link between culture and performance and by helping companies to create the environment that people want to work in.


Employee Engagement

We have created a powerful process to assist you navigate the changing landscape of employee engagement.

Enabling decisive, confident action.


Onboarding & Talent Management

We partner with you in creating game changing onboarding and talent management 


Enabling you to attract and retain the best talent.


Culture Development

We work in partnership with you to intentionally define and embed the culture that will enable your organisation to thrive. 


Customer Experience

Truly understanding your customer means  that you can take confident, decisive action that is grounded in knowing what your clients needs, wants, desires, and challenges.

We give you that understanding

Why culture?

At Kennedy Insights, we believe there is always more to learn and more to share. We like to talk about culture, high performance, purpose, customer experience and employee engagement. To get our latest musing to your inbox sign up below