Our services.

Employee Engagement

Meaningful employee engagement is so much more than an annual survey. We help you gain a deep understanding of the organisational dynamics that are making and breaking the business.


We provide the insights that can’t be seen from the inside. And we provide the framework to ensure the impact ripples through the organisation and to the customer.


Programme design and principles 

Data led diagnostics 

Communications roadmap

Outrospective & customer focused

Multi-focal analysis and interpretation

Exploring your culture workshop

This is a half day exploratory workshop with senior leaders. In it, we delve into the relationship between purpose and culture and sustainable high performance. We look at your priorities and how your culture could make the greatest impact.

Onboarding and Talent Management

Attracting, retaining and engaging employees is one of the greatest challenges for organisations today. With international research showing that nearly one-third of all new hires leave their jobs within the first 6 months, we at Kennedy Insights are deeply aware of the challenges and costs that these high employee turnover rates pose to organisations today.


We partner with you in developing transformative onboarding and talent management programmes. Enabling you to attract and retain the best talent.


Insight led values-based recruitment programmes

Deep analysis of new recruit experience

Innovative onboarding programme development

Talent management development


Culture audit & action

In-depth understanding requires delving deep into the organisation to understand the culture and its impact on the business. We unveil the unique attitudes, expectations, and behaviours of individuals and teams. We work in partnership with you to intentionally shape the culture that will enable your organisation to thrive. 



Culture audit using data-led diagnostics and qualitative research

Leadership, employee and customer workshops

Employee engagement studies

Employee experience mapping

Actionable and measurable insights 

Communications support 

Vision, purpose and values development

Behavioural guardrails development

Culture change mapping

Launch plan for culture change


Breathe Customer

Customer experience is beyond a simple satisfaction survey. To truly understand how the customer interacts with your business requires insights beyond what most customers can even articulate. By delving into the unconscious of the customer you can truly understand how to improve the experience in a way that will create long term advocates.


Customer experience mapping 

Data led diagnostics

Deep analysis of customer experience

Leadership and cross-divisional workshops 

Breathe customer map & workshop

Implementation map