What we do.

Consultancy services.

Through valuable insight and actionable advice, we help people realise their potential, leaders 
rise to the occasion and companies enhance their culture to build a better business.


We employ proven processes and expert techniques, but all our work is bespoke, tailored to your 
challenges and opportunities. 

We consult virtually and in-person, at home and abroad. We focus on four general areas:  


Strengths Coaching

Discovering Potential

At Kennedy Insights we know that organisational outcomes improve when entire teams operate with a clear understanding of not only their own strengths and blind spots, but also those of the people working around them.

Our consultancy offers strength coaching at the individual, team and organisational level, helping you to unlock the potential of your people.


Culture Development

Helping You Thrive

We work alongside business leaders, designing strategies to implement effective long-term changes in 
organisational culture that will help everyone thrive, from custodians to the C-suite. We help you unlock 
the potential of your people.


Team Effectiveness

Releasing Your Potential

We interview individuals, teams, and organisations to discover their core strengths — and help them amplify those for increased engagement and enhanced collaboration, leading to better outcomes for the organisation as a whole.


Organisation Design

Unlocking People Power

We draw on decades of real-world business experience to help you recruit the best candidates and build the most effective teams. We design onboarding processes and systems that ensure every member of your team understands and leans into the corporate culture.



Facilitating Growth

Through our expert analytical process, we achieve a deep understanding of your customers and clients, enabling you to make critical decisions based on their needs, wants, and desires, ultimately improving your market engagement and increasing your ROI.