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WiLD Programme -

Women in Leadership Development

Kennedy Insights, in collaboration with Elaine Gennery from Career Vision, proudly presents the WiLD programme — our dedicated Women in Leadership initiative. This programme is specifically designed to tackle and remove barriers hindering women's advancement into leadership roles within the industry. Its innovative and impactful approach has earned it the prestigious 2023 Pharma Industry Education & Training Award in Ireland.

Programme Overview:

The WiLD programme spans six months and is deeply personalized to each group of participants. It's crafted based on comprehensive DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) research, direct feedback from the women involved, and extensive insights gathered over years of supporting women from diverse backgrounds in their career growth.

Pilot Success:

Launched as a pilot in 2022 within a BioPharma organization, the results were remarkable:

  • 80% of participants achieved upward career movements.

  • 100% reported a significant boost in their confidence regarding their leadership potential.

Ongoing Impact:

Since the pilot, WiLD has successfully conducted 11 more programmes, engaging over 200 women from the BioPharmaChem sector. The outcomes for the 2023 cohort continue to impress:

  • 55% of participants have been promoted.

  • 45% are actively pursuing progressive career opportunities within their organizations.

  • The programme boasts an exceptionally high Net Promoter Score of 78, underlining its effectiveness and the positive experience reported by participants.

The WiLD programme is not just a leadership course; it's a transformative journey that empowers women, fosters inclusive leadership, and paves the way for more equitable participation at the top levels of industry.

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