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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders Today - Introducing WiLD


Kennedy Insights, in partnership with Career Vision, is proud to present the WiLD (Women in Leadership Development) programme, our innovative step towards fostering strong female leadership across global industries.

Bridging the Leadership Gap with Purpose

We believe in a world where equity isn't a distant dream but an everyday reality. Our commitment to empowering women isn't confined to recognising the hurdles they face in leadership roles. We're dedicated to ensuring that women not only find their seats at influential tables but also use their voices to shape the conversation.

Tailored for Success: The WiLD Experience

Our 6-month WiLD programme isn't a one-size-fits-all experience. It's meticulously crafted from DEI research, direct feedback from our female participants, and our wealth of experience engaging with women from diverse walks of life. WiLD symbolises our steadfast commitment to creating a future filled with diverse, inclusive, and fair leadership.

Impacting Change: Highlights from Our 2022 Pilot

  • A remarkable 75% of our participants advanced in their careers.

  • A unanimous 100% reported increased confidence in their leadership abilities.

  • A resounding Net Promoter Score of 94.

What Participants Are Saying:

"WiLD exceeded my expectations. It's helped me recognise not only my potential but also the strengths in others. I'm ready to lead, thanks to WiLD."

"More than a course, WiLD has reshaped how I approach leadership, boosting my confidence and clarity."

"WiLD isn't like other leadership programs. It's equipped me to embrace my unique leadership style and set my sights on greater goals. WiLD has been my stepping stone to greater aspirations."

A Vision in Action

Our goal goes beyond simply discussing or theorizing about empowerment. We're dedicated to providing concrete strategies and support that bring the essential contributions of female leaders into the spotlight. WiLD is about making tangible changes, propelling more women into leadership roles, and shaping a fairer global landscape.

Join us in shaping a world where female leadership is not just celebrated but cultivated. Because at WiLD, we don't just teach leadership; we create leaders.

Highly recommend this course!

The support from the leaders is incredible throughout and beyond. They create a space for everyone to learn and grow without judgement. This course is extremely powerful, you will not be disappointed.


It has completely changed my perspective on Leadership and how to progress!

This has been the single best programme I have participated in since joining the BioPharma organisation in 2009.


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